Heart of the Storm

June 7, 2012

Aliento Has Arrived


The beautiful Aliento left East Hampton, New York on Sunday May 27 and arrived in Blue Hill Bay on May 29th, 2012 around midnight. Nielsen, our son Claudio and our good friend Richard Busby made the journey through fog, rain, a big squall ( luckily a short one), and a lightening storm. They were in good spirits when I told them they had to spend the night on the mooring because it was too dark and rainy for me to row out to pick them up. Early the next morning when I went to fetch them…their spirits were actually still in tact. So the three tired crew looked happy and sun-kissed which hid their exhaustion. Claudio was anxious to get to school, and ended up sailing that evening with his school sailing team. I hope he was able to discover more about himself during the short journey .I am told that he did an excellent job as the third crew member.

So a week of rain here in Maine and now we spend this coming week working on Aliento and getting her ready for the first (HOTS) Heart Of The Storm teen sailing voyage which will take place July 11-18, 2012           IMG_0682 (1)

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